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Networking and the Olympics
April 2, 2012

Let me just say, I am not a natural ‘work the room’ type of person. Yes, I know the mechanics of how to do it, and I can do it but, quite frankly, it takes effort and I find it quite draining. However, I am interested in people and what makes them tick and making them feel at ease. My experience the other night at a networking event at which I was running a seminar reminded me of the power of networking and how it’s worth putting in the effort to meet like-minded people.

At the event I got talking to a very interesting woman – let’s call her Jane. Anyway, Jane was looking to change careers. I was running a session on ‘Taking Control of your Career’ aimed at senior women in finance – so this was quite topical!

Jane told me how she recently had a conversation with someone (let’s call her Eleanor). During their general conversation Jane told Eleanor the direction she wanted to take and what she was trying to achieve. Eleanor said she knew someone she thought Jane should talk to. (By the way, Jane was not expecting anything from Eleanor and she was certainly not a ‘target’ to sell to.) At the end of a great two-way conversation Jane swapped business cards with Eleanor.

A few days later Jane got a phone call out of the blue from the person Eleanor had spoken to about Jane’s ambitions and that conversation proved extremely fruitful.

Now you could just put it down to luck – but I believe that this really illustrates the power of networking.

When you think about it in Olympic terms: knowing what you want – well that’s like winning the bronze medal. Telling others about it is the equivalent of the silver medal. But helping others by putting them in touch with the right people wherever you can – that’s the Olympic gold standard – it helps to make dreams come true.