I’m only human, after all … (Don’t put the blame on me!)

I’m going to have to put my hand up here and ‘fess up – I’m not perfect – I make mistakes.  I don’t do it on purpose, but stuff happens.  I’m only human, after all!!  And, I’m guessing that I’m not the only one, as Sam Smith would say.

I thought it would be a good idea to share how to deal with this very human side of all of us in a few very short blogs.

In this, the first one, I thought I might share my Taylor Swift moment when I had to ‘Shake it off’ when I literally put my foot in my mouth and said something embarrassing.

So, here we go …

A while ago, when I was in the middle of facilitating a management skills workshop I was talking (or so my brain thought) about success.  The problem was that the word that came out of my mouth was ‘sex’.  At that moment I just wanted to disappear  – but there was nowhere to hide. I was leading the session and everyone was looking at me.

Luckily I recalled a ‘shake it off’ technique that I learned.  Word of warning here – you can only use this technique once!

What I did was to step aside from where I was speaking, turned and pointed to the imaginary me that had been standing there and said “I can’t believe she just said that!”  I then turned back to the participants and carried on as if someone else had said that naughty word!!

I’m always up for learning new things.  What would you have done?

Until next time …

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